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Cats Just Know

Cats Just Know


Cats Just Know

A Gift Book of Life Lessons Our Cats Teach Us


The Details

Written by M.H. Clark

Illustrated by Emily Taylor

With sweet purrs and comforting cuddles, cats teach us so much—like how they just know that little things are the magic life is made of, or that sometimes doing nothing is the most important thing.

Each page of this sweet, illustrated gift book is a celebration of the life lessons our feline friends share, and how they change us for the better. Equal parts playful and profound, it’s filled with thoughtful truths our furry friends illuminate, such as:

“Cats know you should savor every day and its little luxuries.”

“Cats know you should keep your wildness, your strangeness, and your mystery.”

“Cats know you should take impeccable care of yourself.”

6.75"W x 9"H
Page Count
48 pages

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  • Who It's For

    Share with a cat lover to celebrate a pet adoption or Gotcha Day or offer as a touching pet sympathy gift during a time of loss.
  • Design Details

    The dark blue foil on the hardcover makes this book sparkle and creates an elevated gift.
  • Why We Love It

    The book’s colorful, vibrant illustrations include a wide spectrum of kitty companions and depict fun-filled scenes sure to tug on the heartstrings of any cat lover.