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This image shows the top-side view of 2ThoughtFulls for kids pop-open card boxes. The designs in this 2-pack are: "You're Amazing" and "You Can Do It". The theme of the 2-pack is "Boost Self-Esteem" and includes 60 unique pop-open cards total, 30 per box.

Boost Self-Esteem—ThoughtFulls for Kids 2-Pack

Sale $15.11 $15.90

Boost Self-Esteem—ThoughtFulls for Kids 2-Pack

You’re Amazing and You Can Do It Pop-Open Cards

Sale $15.11 $15.90

The Details

Save 5% when you purchase these themed ThoughtFulls for Kids together.

ThoughtFulls for Kids are a wonderful way to inspire a smile. Each box holds 30 spirited messages to encourage and support a child every step of the way. Tuck one into a lunch box, a pocket, or a backpack, and let each hidden message add delight to their day.

With this themed 2-pack, you’ll always have cards on hand to remind a kiddo of all they are capable of. The pack includes 1 box of You’re Amazing and 1 box of You Can Do It for a total of 60 cards, and 60 chances to inspire self-belief.

There are so many ways to sprinkle these fun-filled messages throughout a child’s day:

  • Hide in a backpack before a big test or school presentation
  • Give during homework time to encourage a growth mindset
  • Place in a sports bag to boost self-esteem
  • Share to root on a child when trying out for a team or activity
Product Line
ThoughtFulls for Kids
Lidded box with 30 pop-open cards. Each pack includes 2 boxes of ThoughtFulls,60 cards total.
Card Size
2.25"W x 2.25"H
Box Size
2.5"W x 2.5"H x 2.5"D

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  • Who It's For

    These little cards are perfect for parents, teachers, and coaches to use to boost a child’s confidence.
  • Design Details

    Use the lines on the back of each card to write a short, personal note.
  • Why We Love It

    Every card is like a high five you get to give.