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Greeting Cards

Offer just the right words,
for every occasion.

Greeting Cards for All Occasions

Compendium offers inspirational greeting cards for all occasions. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, express your condolences, show appreciation, or simply share a laugh, our unique lineup of cards allows you to find just the right words to mark life’s moments.

Add a bit of humor to someone’s day with our Frank & Funny cards. Written by some of America’s top comedians, these cards are sure to create moments worth smiling about.

The award-winning Positively Green line is eco-friendly and combines beautiful illustrations with inspiring quotes to uplift and delight.

Our Love Muchly cards are unexpectedly playful yet thoughtfully sweet. Featuring hand-drawn illustrations and touching sentiments, these bighearted cards are the perfect combination of sincerity and style.

Explore our inspirational greeting cards for all occasions and discover wonderful ways to connect with the people in your life.


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