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The cover of this book shows different shades of pink as the background, with the quote "Fight On" written across the front.

Fight On


Fight On


The Details

Written by M.H. Clark

Designed by Heidi Dyer

If you look closely, past the challenges and distractions, you’ll notice something: you are doing it. You are creating your big, beautiful life. So today, set aside your doubts. And tell the small voice inside you’re giving it a chance.

Featuring a fresh design, this edition of our best-selling gift book is here to remind you or a woman you love to be bold, be strong, and fight on.

Special Features

  • Filled with encouragement to embrace your inner strength and move forward with confidence and hope
  • Each page is like reading the words of a compassionate friend who wants the best for you and your future
  • A beautiful support gift book to share with a friend, sister, daughter, or aunt navigating a job loss, divorce, difficult diagnosis, or challenging life transition
  • Features black painted edges and a hardcover
7.75”W x 10.375”H
Page Count
64 pages

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