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The front cover of "My Grandma" features the title in the center, and an orange floral background

My Grandma


My Grandma

An Interview Journal to Capture Reflections in Her Own Words


The Details

An Interview Journal to Capture Reflections in Her Own Words

Grandma has a treasure trove of experiences—stories that, once written, hold heartfelt lessons for future generations. Capture Grandma’s memories—from childhood joys and holiday traditions to life mottos and future wishes—in this keepsake gift book. Use the reflective prompts to record her words, celebrate her life, and create a priceless gift for the whole family to love and enjoy.

The book offers thoughtful prompts to record stories that have shaped Grandma’s life, such as:

What are some family heirlooms or mementos you’ve kept, and why are they special to you?

What do you miss most about being a kid? It could be a specific activity or perhaps a feeling you miss.

In what ways do your children or grandchildren make you proud?

5.5"W x 7.25"H
Page Count
64 pages

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  • Who It's For

    Offer this unique gift to Grandma for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, or the holiday season.
  • Design Details

    The vibrant, foil-stamped cover gives the book a keepsake quality.
  • Why We Love It

    Ask the prompts as an interview for a unique bonding experience or invite Grandma to complete on her own to capture her handwriting.