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The front cover of "My Mom" features the title in the center, and a pink floral background

My Mom


My Mom

An Interview Journal to Capture Reflections in Her Own Words


The Details

An Interview Journal to Capture Reflections in Her Own Words

Mom holds a story that only she can share—filled with special moments from her childhood, unforgettable adventures, and pieces of sound advice. The prompts inside this fill-in book are here to capture her memories and wisdom. Each reflection Mom offers will create a treasured family keepsake that can be enjoyed by the whole family for generations to come.

Inside, you’ll find thoughtful prompts to record stories that have shaped your mother’s life, such as:

What do you miss most about being a kid?

Who are some people you admire and why?

What was one of the toughest lessons you’ve learned in life?

5.5"W x 7.25"H
Page Count
64 pages

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  • Who It's For

    Offer this unforgettable gift to Mom for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or the holiday season.
  • Design Details

    The vibrant, foil-stamped cover gives the book a keepsake quality.
  • Why We Love It

    Ask the prompts as an interview for a unique bonding experience or invite Mom to complete the book herself to capture her handwriting.